Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Growing old...or Forever Young?

So at times I wonder why I don't feel old yet? Granted 26 isn't really OLD but I never thought it would hit me that I am getting older

Then today it started. I decided to take a mental break from work while I was on a never ending hold and check my personal emails.

There was an email from my favorite 10 year old cousin! She sends an email from time to time letting me know what she is doing, but this email was different.

She sent me an email to solicit for Girl Scout Cookies, of course I want to buy some but I thought she would have called. Don't get me wrong my typical method of communication is email or texting as I spend a good part of my *eight* hour workday on the phone, so most days I'm not huge on phone calls.

So I sat back, caught my breath and started to think she was growing up and I was getting old.

I then started to reply, letting her know I would get back to her soon with an order. And then it really hit me...I'm not old at all, my cousin is just really advanced for her age!


Phyllis said...

well, it could be that your Aunt is taking it easy this year and suggested said niece send an e-mail so that she's not having to remind niece to make phone calls. ;)
OH....and fwiw, she only e-mailed the relatives that she has e-mail addresses friends' e-mails allowed yet!

Amanda said...

I didn't mean it in a bad way...I'm actually kind of glad for the email.

I just can't believe she is getting all grown up and stuff!!!