Thursday, January 20, 2011

Social Withdrawal

I am currently on day four of Social Networking Deactivation!

I do have to say that I am less stressed and don't really miss the "networking" thing. What an utter waste of time people spend on these sights liking, and commenting, and blocking and stalking.

I have enough going on in my day at work, that I would find myself on Facebook all night seeing what everyone is doing.

Keeping track of people that I don't even talk to in person on a day to day basis is very tiring. I am just one person who can only be in charge of my why do I care about all of these other people actions?

And people just complain (not that I'm not complaning in this post but it is my post and I want to vent to myself!). Quit complaining that you have to go to work today, or complain that you are fat because you are pregnant, and stop checking at places in to let me know where you are at; don't friend me if you never talked to me in person, and don't friend me to be a friend collector.

I guess all this being said maybe I'm not the social butterfly that I thought I used to be...

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